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Fire Dampers
Smoke Control dampers
Smoke Control Systems
Ventilation Fire Safety and Related Compartmentation

VFS is here to help with your ventilation fire safety and smoke control needs. You might be a manufacturer, a designer, an architect, a developer, a system supplier, a contractor, a responsible person, facilities management, a notified body, a risk assessor or another stakeholder, all of whom could benefit, on occasion, with some specific professional advice. VFS are qualified to provide such advice.

VFS can provide help with Fire Dampers from the perspective of products, design, installations standards and regulations.

VFS can provide similar services for Smoke Control Dampers and help you understand this very particular application for dampers and how it differs.


VFS can provide a service to attend and investigate both ventilation systems and smoke control systems and provide feedback on compliance, adequacy and effectiveness for both fire safety and smoke control where relevant.


This will enable you to know that the right questions are being asked and the correct solutions implemented.


You can share this information with your risk assessors, as this is an area that can be misunderstood, but still needs attention.

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